Help with DVD capturing:

First of all as a new member to this website, may I say Hello to you all, and wish you all the best.
As a silver surfer for some time, I have decided to transfer many VHS Videos, (home movies) to DVD. To do this I purchased the VHS to DVD deluxe, software and video capturing device, made by honestech. However although the software appeared to install correctly, and the VIDEO could be seen playng on the monitor, by way of the VHS capturing device, the end result of burning the DVD left a lot to be desired. Either the sound and picture of the DVD was low quality, a lot worse than the original video, or the DVD would only play for several minutes, before completely stopping, and returning to the beginning. This was yesterday, and it was my first attempt to carry out such an operation. I am quite dissappointed and would like to know other peoples opinion on what is good software and video capturing devices. The reason I purchased this version of VHS to DVD 2.0 deluxe, was because of the step by step DVD burning in it. Thanks for any advice on what is good software and video capturing devices for doing this.

When capturing home made vhs tapes and converting to dvd, most people want to do it quickly and with the least amount of complexity. So, most buy dvd recorders and hook their vhs player into them. This seems to be the least problematic solution for this task.

If you need to edit, or filter out noise, or work with the video in any other way, you need a capture card in your computer and a lot of time and patience. If the vhs video is in pristine condition, you can capture as mpeg2 and author straight to dvd. If you need to apply filters or edit, you’ll probably want to capture as uncompressed avi, work with the video and then convert to mpeg2 and author to dvd.

So you can see, the process can be quite complex depending on your needs, and the time you are willing to spend on it.