Help with dvd burning



having a major trouble with burning 5 episodes (25mins each) to a DVD. how do i burn them into a single layer DVD? or atleast 4 episodes burned in a DVD will do.
do i need to join them first? or can i burn them into 4 tracks to a DVD? how?

i use winavi to convert the videos to DVD format, but when i try to burn them using nero it doesn’t allow it. it says that can’t have same vob, bup, ifo, etc. in the video_ts folder. how do i solve this? btw the converted videos are all separated or not joined.

really need help. i’ve been stuck with this problem.


Convert them to VCD format rather than DVD format. This will give you mpg files of about 500mb.
Then something like Ulead DVD Movie Factory can then create a dvd from there. Nero or Vision Express might be able to do the same but I never use it.


You could try manually renaming the .vob etc. files and then burning again? (Episode 1 gets vob 1 to 3, Episode 2 gets vob 4 to 6 etc.)


Or use a good video editing application and import all 5 projects and join them into one, save as a new combined project and burn.


thanks to all for the info.

bob: like how do i change or replace them? what do i do?
i tried it earlier but it didn’t work; my nero is asking for vts_ts.ifo files of the other episodes, which i renamed. anyway, here’s what i did : after i converted 3 (episodes) avi files into 3 separate video_ts folders; i changed and renamed the files of 2nd (episode) video_ts to vts_02_1.vob, vts_02_0.ifo, vts_02_0.bup, and so on and so forth; did the same with 3rd video_ts. same thing happens when i try to burn them.

harley : like what video editing application? could you name a few?


Have a look at , and you will find all kinds of programs…


You’re making this too hard. :stuck_out_tongue: Okay, when I mention a tool, you can find it here: Enter the name and youll get a description of function, download link, and available guides. Lots of ways to do this.

  1. First, if WinAVI has a batch function, use it. (Not familiar with it). That is, add all the files desired, THEN convert. It’s evidently authoring to DVD Video structure for you as well as converting. VSO DivX to DVD and The Film Machine have batch capability, for instance.

  2. Use your encoder to produce MPEGs instead of DVD Video. Take care they are DVD compliant. Legal resolutions are: 720x480/576, 704x480/576, 352x480/576, and 352x240/288. Second number is NTSC, third is PAL. Tim mentioned VCD rez, which is valid and will enable you to get a lot more run time on the disc. Personally, I’d use half-D1 (352x480/576), you can easily get 4-5 hours on and probably lose little or no quality, assuming source is downloaded AVI or VHS capture. Then author to DVD structure with something like TMPGEnc DVD Author, fairly capable and simple.

  3. Don’t want to do the conversions over? Just take all your DVD Video files and add them to a single project in TMPGEnc DVD Author. Create menu, set chapters, etc. Ignore any warning about being oversize. Process it. Compress to single-layer DVD size with DVDShrink or DVDRebuilder (Remember half-D1? That option is available in DVDRB).

  4. Want freeware only? Okay, revert to MPEGs using VOB2MPEG or Rejig. Then author with one of the freeware apps in the tools link, like GUI for DVDAuthor.

There’s oh, only dozens more ways you could do it. :wink: Good luck.