Help with DvD burning please

Hello, I am currently trying to copy a DvD to another DvD for backup. Im at work right now. The problem is this. I cant open the DvD until it is formated, and it formats in UDF. First disc went ok, but the second disc said I ran out of room. After looking into it, I realized that The format was sucking up 300mb of the DVD+r!! The instuctional DVD that didnt complete needs 4.3gb of free space. After the format, the disc properties read as 303mb used, and 4.08gb Free space. The DvD’s are also 4.7gb. Where is that .32gb going? This is what is messing me up.

The DvD I am trying to copy, properties say 4.37gb used, 0 free
OK in short

DVD I need to copy
4.37gb Used
0 Free

DVD I need to copy to after the required format
303mb Used
4.08gb Free

When I try to copy this DVD, it runs out of room on the LAST file -_-

Please help, I am confused


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What is exactly the DVD that you are trying to backup? Is it a video or a data disc?

Based on the disc type, there are different tools to be used

What softwares are you using currently?

Seeing UDF from my usage comes in Nero package that I use but you have to make sure the computer you will open the media in has the UDF software installed otherwise it will lockup or just spin and show nothing is present on the media or a media is in the drive. But to agreement with the MOD what software and what kinda dvd are you trying to copy would provide some starting points. Also what kinda media are you using along with the drive and firmware?

Its an instructional video.

Are you trying to copy your DVD in to DVD+/-RW if yes why you not using DVD+/-R if not then you do not need to format the DVD+/-R to begin with.

Wrong format, wrong filesystem…

Create an image with DVDDecrypter or Imgburn, then burnt hat onto a blank DVD by using Imgburn.


If it is a video, then I suggest to rip it first on hard disc and then compress it with a software like DVD Shrink or CloneDVD2. Being the difference minimal, the needed compression should be marginal, with no noticeable effects on video quality :slight_smile:

I am using DvD+r’s not rw’s… I guess I need to use on of those programs huh? Was just doing it through windows… Could that be my problem???

Also, I need to burn about 33 of these DvD’s, and the computer has limited HD space… This wouldnt be a problem, but it is the office computer, and it is slower then all hell if you know what I mean, so I want to just burn from the DvD to the DvD+r… I have a DVDrom, and a DVDburner drive… It worked fine on the first one, but the second DvD, ran out of room as stated in my 1st post :frowning:

:eek: 33 discs?

If HD space is a problem, rip one disc at time, compress it if necessary with dvd shrink or clonedvd2, then burn it; delete files, rip another disc, and so on until all discs are done.

How much space do you have?

4.3GB is the size limit on a SL DVD.

Not really, not even with or without overburning.
Without overburning: 4.38 GB.