Help With DVD Burner And Windows SP1 Needed

I have burght this DVD+R CDs “premium” and when i put the CDs in my DVD bruning drive it just says 0 byes free and 0 bytes used, i have windows XP SP1 and i have installet the new firmware and the newest nero bruning rom but i still cant see the DVD or brun on it… but when i take my DVD bruning drive out off my computer and put it into my server on 800 MHz whit the same system and the same nero,… there can i see the CDs … someone there can tell me waht i can do to brun my DVDs on my own computer ???

what? DVD+R CD’s :confused: , i take it you are trying to burn dvd+r, do you have a + burner?
also have you tried just burning the dvd with nero on DVD mode, and see what error it says.

ben :slight_smile:

No kidding. DVDR and CD-R are two completely different things. Don’t ever confuse the two terms or we will have no clue what you are talking about. Just because they are the same size disc DOES NOT mean they are the same thing. :wink:

Yes but… the burner i have in my 2Ghz computer whit XP SP1 i cant see the DVD+r CDs… but when i take the bruner out off my computer and put it in my old 800 mhz whit the same system then i can brun and see that there are 4.7 GB free … you know what there are worng?

no one there can help me ?

what is the concrete type of the burner?
you updated the firmware of the DVD drive?
what windows shows in drive properties?

it is a: NU DVDRW DDW-081
Yes i have updated the firmware.
and i use XP sp1 and the drive is version 5.1.2535.0

It seems that XP doesnt recognize your drive as a DVD writer. I got exactly the same problem on my laptop. Anybod got an idea ??

i have updated to SP2 and it dosent work… :frowning:

no one there can help ??