Help with dvd burn process

i am using the newest nero program to burn my avi files to dvd’son cartoons and cartoon movies (south park) there is no problem and they burn fine. on the movies its a toss up. they burn like 30% of the time they wait untill they get to the final stage where it says finishing project when it says seconds left. it never finishes and it keeps going untill its aborted, i let it go for a hour just to make sure. anyone have any ideas or a better program for burning dvds

Use IMGburn (Free) to burn.
Use Anydvd & CloneDVD2 to decrypt & encode (Free Trial).
I just bought the latest Nero & am having trouble too. The things I recommend are free or free trial and they are the best there is. Then if you are still having trouble that elimates a few things.

First you have to rip and encode your movie by some ripping program to your hard drive then Nero will burn the ripped movie file to your blank disk. Try to use DVDShrink (free program) to rip and encode your movie hen shrink automatically engage Nero to burn the ripped file.

Here is a bit on how to use ImgBurn to make DVD Video disks from your existing VIDEO_TS folder:

For ripping I prefer DVDFab Decrypter and the RipIt4Me/DVD Decrypter/FixVTS combo.

I very often use DVD Shrink to process the decrypted movie, then output to VIDEO_TS folders on the hard drive and burn using either Nero or ImgBurn.