Help with dvd 200j



my dvd burner can only burn cds but not dvds. i am using nero 9. my operating system is windows 7. the dvd burner has the newest firmware. here is the nero 9 error log. please help. thank you



Most likely a media/burner incompatibility issue…What media and speed are you burning at?..
Have you tried burning with Imgburn?..Just a thought!..:wink:


i am using dvd+r discs which are only supported by this burner


What specific ‘brand’…


maxell dvd+r discs at 2.4x


[QUOTE=drobd;2479053]Version: 9, 0, 9, 100(Nero Express)[/QUOTE]

This might be another problem as well you have express not a full version of Nero 9. Have you updated this version to the latest version available to express?? Then try again and are you trying to burn dvd files or movies or what kinda source are you using???