Help with dual layer!



I’ve just started to play with my Atapi DVD DD 1620A and find that the dvds show only their regular space. I just updated to G7Z9 from G7H7 (i think) and i tried both in Nero and Windvd creator. Is there somethign I’ve missed to activate the Dual layer burning?

Thanks in advance for any responses


Did you use the Disc Info section under the recorder info to check the disc size or do you mean in the nero bar. Check this image

Thanks to ImageShack for hosting this


yup check the info section


thanks for the replies

my nero doesn’t support dvd burning, so i’m stuck with the windvd creator you get with asus motherboards until i can find a better one, but someone was telling me you have to buy special dvds that support DL burning… is this true?


Yes, you have to buy media that is actually dual-layer. These are pretty expensive yet at today’s prices. I’d suggest trying to find an OEM version of Nero 6.3 cheap somewhere and installing that then you can upgrade to Nero 6.6 from their website from there. :slight_smile:


BTW you talk about double layer, the drive pretty sure doesn’t support dual layer :wink:


What an old version is that?