Help with Dual DVD Burners (Sony & NEC)

Hello, I have gotten alot of info from this site in the past but I have searched and cant find a good answer to my question/problem so her goes…

So I have the 2 dvd writers (in my sig), if I try and burn to them at the same time they slow each other down. The read buffer in nero takes ages to load to 100% and then throught the burning process the buffer is all over the place. In the end it takes longer for both of them to finish compared to if I did one at a time.

I know it is possible to burn 2 discs at once as I have seen it done in person…but I cant seem to get it to work.

I have 1 300GB sata drive in my sata1 plug, then 3 80GB drives in plugs sata 2,3 and 4 in raid 0 (they act as one drive), next each dvd writer on its own chanel (seperate cables). So really I have 2 HHD and 2 burners.

The only thing I can think that it can be is the master/slave/primary/secondary business whcih is wrong…i have never understood it and why it matters…

What can be wrong? :confused:

btw I have latest firmware,drivers,etc installed (WinXP SP2)

Thanks alot

300+ viewers and no1 can help me out?!?!?? :frowning:


Most people here are trying to get good burns and burning to 2 DVD writers at the same time isnt gonna give good quality. Your HDDs dont matter near as much as your memory and cpu in this case i would think and you didnt list what they were. I’m nowhere near an expert, but if both burners are on their own channel they should be set as master. I’d assume unless you have one of the top dual core cpus out there you’re majorly gonna get inferior results.

Are you burning the same set of files to 2 burners using 1 instance of Nero using it’s multiple burner function or 2 different instances & sets of files?

Assuming the latter then is the source for the burns the same HDD? If yes then it will slow down noticeably. The only way for it to work is burning from 1 HDD to 1 burner & from the other HDD to the other burner. I’ve done that successfully at 8x a few times.

Yes its using 2 different instances burning different data. tried with 2 instances of nero and then 1 instance of nero with 1 instance of alcohol120.

I figured that burning from 1 HDD to 1 burner & from the other HDD to the other burner would work best like you sed but it still takes ages.

I think the problem is the buffer. Is this RAM or Hard Drive buffer? As it says in my sig I have 2gigs of low latency ram which is pretty top notch.

Could it be that the 2 burners are different.

But in these forums I have seen people with like 5 burners in they sig. I cant remember who it was but it was like Current drives: blah blah Retired drives: blha blah, maybe u know him? How does he use multiple burners??

They dont use them at the same time most likely. Some are used for ripping, some scanning, some burning but most likely just one going at a time.