Help with DRV108

I downloaded the 1.14 firmware over here [DVR108_FW114EU.EXE]
and after I flased it I still only burn the media @ 4x like before and when I used nero drivespeed to test the drive it couldn’t determined the speed for the dvd. please help me to solve this problem thanks

and here’s the drive

Your discs are only supported for 4x then…

but the write speed shows 4x even when i don’t inserted any media in the drive

Your cd read spead indicates 62x, which is of course impossible. Your using an older version of Nero, just download laterst update, and it should display the information correctly.

you have verbatim dvd-r 8x.try with that.

Anytime you instaall nero or update, please run cd/dvd speed called “contol drive speeds” this is primary to let nero set dirve to 1 speed and keep it there next startup, but alos can sort probs with wrong speeds like the 62x cd you got as i had on that build, just run that tool from taskbar, drop to each of your drives in menu, detecting each for dvd and or cdr, and it will set all speeds to max after detecting all possible speeds, you need to right click it on taskbar to close.

Obv it dont fix all probs but it will then know the drives speeds and you dont even need mdiea in tray to do.