Help with Dreamweaver 3



Hi, i want 2 design my own webpage and i am using Dreamweaver 3 but i was wondering if there was a website that could give me some sort of instructions on how 2 go about it, I don’t know if Macrovistion’s own site can help i haven’t tried seeing as i didn’t get DW3 from official channels if u know what i mean, say no more, say no more.

Can any 1 help pls.
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I’m using Dreamweaver 2, and i know it has a very usefull help function. Try it! :slight_smile: It’s reilly helpfull


Yeah thanx RMX maybe it would b a good idea 2 get off my lazy ass and read the help files. The problem i had was when i designed my webpage in DW3 all my images looked o.k but when i upped the htm to my server the images were missing.

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maybe it would be useful uploading te images to :stuck_out_tongue:
the fact that the images don’t show up has nothing to do with dreamweaver

and macrovistion ? waztha? macromedia you mean ?


Yeah sorry it was MacroMedia i just got my Macro’s muddled up. LOL.


Maybe you don’t see them cuz Dreamweaver has linked is wrong. Check your links again for the images. And what did i say about the help function? It r0x doesnt it ? :cool:


It sure does, thanx 4 the tip RMX.