Help with downloading/copying

I have attempted to copy a movie directly from the DVD to my iPod ~ and it is now 21-hours and 6-minutes that it has been “processing”. Without any type of Tutorial, I don’t know if I’m doing it properly ~ but I can’t imagine it should take so long to copy one-single movie.

Moreover, I have also attempted to open the attachment which was provided, for my Registration Key ~ and it has now been 13-hours since my system has been processing the attachment. Again, with no Tutorial, I can’t tell what, if anything, I’m doing incorrectly.

My computer is a Dell-Inspiron 1505 laptop, and it’s relatively new ~ so I can’t imagine that it’s because of an antiquated system. I really would like to have the capabilities of what I made this purchase for ~ and would hate to have to cancel and request a refund. PLEASE HELP! Thank you.

Hi yolanda. You may have a system setting or firewall that is preventing DVDFab from installing and registering properly. The processing for most movies for iPod should take anywhere from half to three fourths of the running time of the movie for the MPEG-4 profile, longer (up to double the movie running time) for the H.264 profiles. What Operating System came with your notebook (XP or Vista, and which version )? If you have a software firewall, you may need to disable it before installing DVDFab. You should also make sure that DMA is enabled for your DVD drive. Find a post (using the forum search tools) by stormjumper. He has links at the bottom for performing a clean UNinstall of DVDFab for both XP and Vista. You should follow those steps, download the latest version of Platinum from the link at and download your registration key from the email to your desktop. After you have done all that, double click the key file and it should register your copy (be sure to install DVDFab first, then activate the registration). Post back if you still have problems.

Here is a link to a stormjumper post:

The links at the bottom of this post from my good friend maineman show how to check and fix DMA problems, which can make drives read (and burn) discs very slowly: Note: DVDFab has a DMA reset button in Common Settings. Follow the links only if clicking the button doesn’t help. On some Dell products, users have reported that DMA has to be enabled in the BIOS settings.