Help with downloaded torrents to dvd shrink

i am new here i have been trying to burn my movies that i downloaded to bitcomet. i have dvdshrink and alcohol 120 but i do not know how to get the movie where it need to go i want them to be able to play on regular dvd players

Most movies available from the torrents are not legal to download, and we cannot discuss copyright protected materials that are downloaded without permission of the copyright holders.

If by chance you have some videos that are legal, either in the public domain or shared intentionally on torrents, we can offer help.

The vast majority of video files found on torrents are not in dvd-video format. They generally are avi, mp4, or mkv files. Some dvd players are capable of playing avi files, and a few can play other formats, but if you want universal playback, you’ll have to convert from these various file types to dvd video.

Look at a free program called DVDFlick, or as an alternative, AVStoDVD.