Help with DivXtoDVD

Hello, I have been searching for a product to convert my .mpg files to video_ts and thought I’d found it w/ this handy app (DivXtoDVD)…but when I go to burn w/ Nero or convert w/ DVDShrink they both encounter errors and identify the problem file as VTS_01_9.VOB .

Is this a limitation of the demo or a possible encoding problem? Are there alternative apps I should look into? dvdSanta did the job, but the quality was TERRIBLE. I really need a way to archive my TIVO favorites. Thanks!

Asus P4s8x
p4 2.53, 533fsb
ati 8500 AIW
1G ram
Sony dru-710A

when the problem appeared ? during conversion or burn ?
did you try to burn with copytodvd too ?

The problem appeared after conversion and before Nero encoded the files for burning.

I didi not try copytoDVD.