Help with discs that skip/freeze

Please could someone assist me, as I’m fairly new to dvd burning and I’m having some trouble.

I am backing up my movies using a liteon s812 burner and ritek g05 media. The entire burn process is fine, however about one in three of the burnt copies displays occassional skipping/freezing in my LG home dvd player. When I playback on my pc it seems fine.

This may seem a dumb quesiton but…based on my description are the burns corrupted in any way, or is it simply a case of my standalone dvd player not liking the media?

I’d be relieved to know that the burns are fine, but I’m really not sure what to do as I’ve burnt about 30 dvd’s and only just starting playing them back- when to my frustration this skipping occurs in about 1 in 3 discs ??? What’s even stranger is that I have used the exactsame media for all burns.

Many thanks in advance.

skipping/freezing is due to a bad burn and/or lower quality media.
Try some better stuff. :wink:
RitekG05 has been known to vary in quality, due to this many NEC and Pioneer firmwares have limited the writing speed of this media to 4X.
You can also try burning at 4X.

If you post a Kprobe scan , we might be able to shed some more light on the situation.

Ritek -R and Liteon don’t mix well.

Try +R

It can be a combination. The skipping/freezing thing will happen if the reader encounters a problem reading the disc. That can happen if the disc isn’t optimal for the reader, or if the disc has a lot of errors (usually due ot low grade media).

If the skipping/freezing seems to happen further into the movie, as opposed to at random times, I’d be more inclined to believe it’s a case of a bad burn.

Thanks very much.
I did not realise that liteon + ritek dont mix too well :slight_smile:
Should I try +r or use another type of media?
Any suggestions for media available in australia around the same price as ritek.

This Taiyo Yuden 8x media works very well with Liteons.

And yes liteons work better with DVD+R media. To make your disks the most compatable use bitsetting to DVD-ROM.

For more info on your liteon drive I would suggest you search though here.

I have a nec-3500 and I have found my ritek g05 skip/freeze as well at 8x. For me it happens consistently once per disc. I slow it down to 2x and it burns without a problem. Annoying, but works. I too have moved on to TY02 discs which are just 10 cents more than Ritek and burn fine at 8x. they can even burn at 12x, but haven’t tried it yet.