Help with Diablo 2

I need help transferring a character that I have developed in Diablo 2 from my old PC to my new one. I have all the original discs and key codes to make them work and install the game, but can’t copy the character.
Any suggestions?

I have personally transfered characters from one computer to another just by moving the save files found in the Diablo II Directory in the folder save to the new computers Diablo Folder once its installed on it. I think there is a total of 4 files.

I’m not sure if it matter but I installed Diablo II from a cd image onto the new computer.

Make sure your running the same version as the game version you have your character on. If you had any patches applied to your old pc you need to apply the same patches to your new one. Think its currently at V1.11 -1.14 something like that.