Help with Denq 1620 and verbatim -r

When I insert a Verbatim -r (mcc 02rg20) DVD in my benq 1620, the drive says " No media is present" and y can´t do anything.

Please help me.
I have tried many firmwares

Does it only do it with this one disk, or have you tried others?

What Operating system, Win98/XP or what?
What software are you using, if any, like Nero, Record Now?

If you are only using windows file explorer, you will have this. You need “packet writing” software like InCD, DLA, to drag and drop in windows file explorer like you can with your computers hard drive.

If this is the case, did any CD-Disks come with your drive with software on it?

My BenQ used to have problems recognizing Verbatim DVD-R (MCG02 RG20), it often took a long time. Sometimes the media wasnt recognized at all, but ejecting/reloading often worked. Until this morning…

The DW1620 is the 2nd one I got, the first one went defective in about one week. This one now is approx. 5 weeks old. With the first one, those MCG02 RG20 problems where the beginning of the end of the drive…

And now:

Yesterday evening it wasnt able to verify a newly written Verbatim DVD+R 8x (MCC03). This morning I did a simulation @12x on the BenQ with one of those MCG02 RG20, it worked ok, but after the simulation the drive began acting strange and in the end, not even identify to the OS (first it said “ATAPI DVD VG|P|”, now it doesnt reply at all and “My Computer” is very laggy…

So from my experiences so far, not recognizing that Verbatim DVD-Rs was a sign of beginning drive failure.

I will have to send this drive back as well, it seems.


The same problem with my drive. But after that, i tried to write other disc, a PRODISCF01, and the same problem, disc not recognized…And the verbatim disc isn’t readable, has a lot of rings on the surface.

Maybe MCC02RG20 discs make drive failure? For sure the next drive i will buy won’t be benq, i’m very dissapointed with it. No luck with quality burns.

PS:Sorry for my bad english.

@ oman. What firmware were you on when this happened? At what speed did you the simulation, did you use any patches or MCSE?

@ SuperAzo. Welcome to BenQ camp. Please tell as more about your setup and other media you have been using lately. What do you burn most, + or -R´s?


pinto2, I am using the drive in a usb enclosure. It works very well with every drive i have. The problem is not for that, because i tried to put the drive as master in the second ide but it doesn’t work either. Mi pc is a fujitsu scenic with a P4 2’6ghz, 512 mb ram ,40GB HD, liteon combo drive. Discs I use the most are ridisc’ ritekg04 dvd-r, and ocasionally princo dvd-r, and prodisc dvd+rw from Emtec. None of them give me the good quality burns of a pioneer dvr108 that i have on my other computer, results are very bad with benq :Z and now this problem…

Thank you so much.