Help with degraded performance

New user here with what I hope is an easy question. I recently bought a Dell Dimension e310 p4 3ghz machine and installed an i/o magic dvd burner as a 2nd optical drive. However whenever the 2nd drive becomes active my pc’s performance drops dramatically even if I’m just copying files from a cd. Is this a power supply issue or is there something else I should be looking at?

no cause when your doing something, your using your processor and your ram so it takes up the space of what your doing. if you were converting it would take up everything and so on. depends on how much ram you have i would guess and how your processor’s activeness

The task manager shows less than 50% cpu usage and I’ve got 1GB of ram so I didnt’ think that would be the problem. It only happens when running whatever drive I have in my 2nd bay. It causes everything to slow down, even affecting the sound card.

do you have the jumpers on the drives set correctly? I’d put both optical drives on the secondary IDE cable with the burner in the master position (and the jumper set to master) and the other drive in the slave position (with its jumper set to slave)

if your jumpers are fine then I’d check in the device manager to make sure DMA is enabled for your drives.

DMA is set. My 2 drives are a dvd rom (dell standard) and the burner. I swapped them and the basic dvd rom drive ran slow when in the 2nd slot. I have both jumpers set to cable select because that’s what dell recommended. Should I have one set to master and the other slave?

i can’t guarantee it will fix your problem, but i’ve always been told to have a master and a slave…if you let the computer pick, you’re asking for trouble.

like i said, it might not be your problem, but it can’t hurt.

Set one to master and one to slave. If that doesn’t help, uninstall the secondary IDE listing in device manager and let everything be reinstalled.

2 drives set cs is asking for trouble as stated above…windows has to decide which is the master drive…I’d take the above advice if 2 drives the same chain…set on mast…the other slave and give that a spin…:slight_smile:

I’ve been using cable select on all my devices - HDD & optical - for several years now & never experienced the slightest problem.

However, nothing should be left untried.

Also it could be a IDE cable problem if none of the above suggestions work.

Check to see if you have an 80 conductor (wire) or 40 conductor IDE cable. Standard 40 wire cables are a bit more suspectible to interference which may slow things down. The newer 80 wire cables can be identified by the narrower wires.

Whoa whoa, waaiit just a darn minute. Dell always uses Cable Select on all of their drives (as do Compaq/HP). It usually doesn’t make the ide devices faster when you are using the well known master/slave combination.

Make sure you write down the present configuration before tweaking with the setup Rockstar, because it can be a pain to get your Dell working again. :slight_smile:

Tried various combinations of master/slave. Now anytime a disc is placed in the burner the computer freezes right up. If the disc is in on start up, I can play a dvd using dvd launcher yet if I try to access the drive with windows media player i get freeze up there as well. Put both drives back to cable select, did a system restore to 2 days ago uninstalled both drives and reinstalled and get the same problems with freezing.

also the i/o magic writer although I have it set to dma if available shows the current transfer mode as PIO only

That sounds like a cable related problem. Maybe try replacing the factory cable with the one that shipped with your writer.