I need to make backups of some drives.
I am currently using CD’s to burn as data discs.
I need more space.
So I switched to DVD’s.

I burned three disc, 1 thru Roxio 7.5., 1 thru Nero 6, & the other with software that cam with the burner. I prefer the Nero Interface.

None of the three are readable. They all show the directory & file structure alnog with file size but when I go to retrieve them I get “File structure not recognized”!

I would truly like to use DVD_RW as a drag & drop from my CPU.

Could someone be as kind as to post a tutorial of what I should be doing…maybee I am doing something wrong.

MM… don’t know about why the discs are not readable (try different media, and try IsoBuster for extracting data). About drag and drop - I think that is possible using DVD+RW (not DVD-RW, it has to be +, I think), with some spells erm, processing of the disc using Nero. It then should work much like CD drag & drop.
Hope I could be of help.

Using Roxio’s DragToDisk gives you exactly that facility. Once installed & running you format the RW in D2D & then treat it just as a big floppy. Works well but there is always the potential for an RW to fail in some way.Deletion/Updating works fine as well.
D2D will also handle -R/+R in the same way but overcomes the RW failure problems.

Don’t use Nero’s InCD as it doesn’t allow deletion/updating as far as I’m aware.

I tried again…
Used Nero Ultra 7 Burning Rom.
Set to ISO 9660:1999 , Multi Session
I burned 5 tracks, all looked good.
But after I shut down the program I could no longer read the disc.

I can see that it HAS the five tracks written to it but niether windoes nor Nero
now can see it.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Do I need to "Finalize: the disc?
If so how do I do that?
Cant find any info on it from Nero

Hi selkov----First off, put your files into named Folders…Get enough to either fill a CDR or 4.3Gbt or less to fill a DVD-R…
Click on “DATA DVD”, then drag folders to appropriate window in order to burn them…Watch the Bar at bottom, it will tell you how much DATA you got…
Make sure you chose DAO = Disc At Once…BURN------Everything you need is within the program…Read it a few times. I use the NERO Program n have the Shortcut to Nero on my Desktop…I Don’t use ‘Express’ or ‘StartSmart’…Waste of Megabite Space them…JMHO
Good Luck.

I have done this with InCD -Nero. I don’t know if it is free. The key is to format the CD using InCD. (Can take 20-40 minutes depending on the speed of your burner.) After that, just drag and drop in Windows explorer (XP or higher). I haven’t had trouble with + or - or with losing data - and can rewrite or change and delete - I would suggest people who did probably did not format so used existing formatting which works like a data disk (only on that brand of software and/or burner. You also get into problems with whether the DVD session has been closed or not just like with data CD’s). Good Luck!