Help with creating VCD MDF/MDS files to DVD or VCD disc




I need help with this. I have a VCD MDF or MDS files and I wanted to burn it onto a Cd I think (if I can I want to burn it onto a DVD disc) . what program or software should I use. I read about Alcohol120 and I try that with it but it said that file is not locate or no such file name? Anyone have any idea how I can put this VCD mdf files onto a Disc so I can play it on a dvd/vcd player? Please advise. I also try MagicIso and still doesn’t pick up the file.

In addition, normally I use DVD decrypter to decryp my back DVD and it create a mdf files and it works fine when I burn it onto DVD disc but these are VCD MDF FILES. It would not work with DVD decrypter. Any help would be appreciated. thanks


How did you create the image? What program did you use?


I didn’t my cousin did and he backed up the dics for me but it was in these files. He is out of town and I wanted to try and play it on the dvd player but i can’t.

One thing I tried last night was that I rename one of the file to .ISO and it gave me MagicISo Document as File type. My MDS file stayed the same. I could burn this one on the CD disc and tried playing on the dvd player and it worked.

Now I have the second part of the VCD files. the Mdf file is stil showing as File type: MDF file. when I try to rename it like I did to the first part, it wouldn’t rename it to as Magic ISO Document. What did I do? please help.

Oh, I used Nero express to burn the rename (magic ISo Document file) onto the CD.

I was wondering how can I combine both of those VCD mdf files to One dvd disc? is it possible?


Without knowing some information about how they were created, I doubt we’ll be able to help you.


Actually, I got it to work. What I did was mount the image (mds file) to my virtual drive then run the image wizard then burn. I burn the vcd MDF files to a CD. nice and clear.


whats the image wizard?


You could have that achieved with almost ANY burning program without mounting…


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