Help with creating a disk with bin image. Please Read the following:

Problem creating disk using .Bin image
I am using cdrwin 4.90 to make a cdrom. Here are the steps I used I loaded the cuesheet, and set the disk record speed to max, and hit start record. After the disk was complete I placed it into my dvd rom drive it acts as if the disk is empty. It just spins and spins and then prompts me to insert cd-rom. What am I forgetting to do, or not doing right?

Further info I am using a Sony cd-rw crx100 to burn them.

Please help.

If you need any more info please ask.

Can it be read in your writer?
If it can be read there, it is the combination of your recordable and your DVD player.

Are you using a CD-R or a CD-RW. Some DVD players can not handle CD-RW…

When you made sure you did not select ‘test only’ (if that is an option in CDRWin…not sure, long time since I last used that) and the CD-R(W) is not readable in your writer as well, there might be something wrong with the program (which is kind of strange when it gives no message of failed writing process).

I think you used a bad key to register CDRwin! CDRwin is known for the fact that it always says that a key is correct, but when you entre a wrong key it will make coaster of you CDR’s!!! :frowning:

So you better uninstall CDRwin, delete registery entries of “CDRwin” and “Golden Hawk” (not the URL’s or setup.exe’s) and find a correct key to register with!!

Or use ISObuster to unpack the bin and then burn the files with Nero (fe)!!

Good luck! :slight_smile:

When CDRWin is registered with the wrong key it still gives an error message when it creates a coaster, it will not continue burning and then end up with an empty disk…but you can correct me if I am wrong.

I mean, Wookie is an Admin and I am merely a smart@$$ :wink:

yes you are wrong…
cdrwin burns just like always but when ready you end up with an empty cd … i got the same problems with latest version 4.0a…
cause my new lit-on burner wasn’t supported i had to get the latest cdrwin version.from august 18 i believe…and used old keygen on it…didn’t work …
i did some experiment so then it does work with latest version …
and now i can burn with my lit-on on 24 speed …
if you want to know how i did register cdrwin …pm me…

Originally posted by Wookie
Or use ISObuster to unpack the bin and then burn the files with Nero (fe)!!

No need 2 do that!
In Nero go: File/burn image
Select the “all files” (not the nero .nrg thingie)
Go to the iso (.bin file), select it,

Of course I know how to copy disks. Where’s the xerox machine?