Help with corrupt video files

jUST A QUESTION HERE. Im getting the usual .ifo / .bup / .vob files , but there are some that changed there name to EG: VTS_01_0.VOB.bc (im using bitcomet). When viewing in the folder its just VTS_01_0.VOB but when viewed through nero or whatever you can see the .bc at the end .They say BitComet incomplete download file as the type of file. The download is complete to 100%. I cant change or rename the files. They are stopping me from creating an image and burning because they are not recognized as dvd file types.

try and re click on the .torrent file ( to re download it ) and let it re register as 100% i use to get the same problem with bittornado
this might fix your problem

Hey I have one suggestion, Bitcomet, I use to use it, it always downloaded slowly for me. Try µtorrent, you can force downloads and set your bandwidth usage to high with just right clicking the file. It’s not and installer so you just save it to your desktop and use it whenever you want.

that one look cool
i think i will give it a bash and see how it goes :slight_smile:

Thank you for the bitcomet reply . Re-downloading it picked up the missing data I needed. Im gonna try utorrent cus I hate this comet crap. theres too many options and stuff I dont need. I loved Bittornado because it was fast but it started freezing on me. I installed and re-installed both stable and new versions. Even disabled Zone Alarm (because it likes to mess with connections of all types , internal and internet). Anybody else have this problem ? If not , i`ll try and figure it out so I can switch back to tornado.