Help with copying ps2 games

hi im quite new im trying to copy ps2 games on a cd writer i recently purchased some software (ISOBuster and CD/DVDGenerator version 1.20)
Can any give a step by step instruction plz
Also, is there any software that I can use to PS2 games easier

Are there ant bigger discs available other than 700MB CD-R

Please help as soon as possible


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Most Ps2 games (well infact almost all) are on dvd and therofore bigger than a cd-r. I would suggest you buy a dvd writer (they are very cheap at the mo) and use any program u like, cos PS2 games aren’t protected. (from personal experince with over 200 so far)

could u give me an idea of prices and were to look please, thanks for the help mate

where are you?

Nec 2500a or liteon 851 are both very good drives.

Also pioneer 107

i’m in the nottingham area how much would one cost is their any kind of paticular discs tht u would use thanks for the help mate


Here you can find cheapo drives… You can get the media there too and very cheap. This is the only place i shop

thanks alot quite like the look of pioneer cause of the price is very difficult install the them or can jus about any one do it

anyone can do them, they are very easy to install

hi again someone i no oes a bit with copying he sugested getting a hadrive in a caddy to write all my mp3s and dvd ps2 etc on is this a good idea and how much would cost thanks for all the hope uve been really great get to me when you can theres no rush

You cant really do a decent copy without a modchip.

wots one of them i think got one ne way i have coped some of the smaller games and they work fine
thanks for ur help

External hard disks are a bit expensive still…DVDs are so much cheaper. Only if you intend to delete and copy again (continues adding and removing), only then I would consider external hdd

You can make a copy just fine…playing it will be the issue…

i presume your ps2 is chipped otherwise the copied games will NOT work.

you will not need a harddrive in a ps2, however you can with xbox. How big is your harddrive on your comp? The maximum a ps2 game is around 4gb mark. once you have burnt them onto dvd then you can delete the images. As for mp3s, what would you like to do with them? Store and play on your pc or somewhere else?

ha ha ha so funny…no

he told me i could get one with a caddy for bout £10 but i dont no wot size. im not mine at the momnet so i dont no wot size my hardrive is i will have to get back to you on tht. yea my ps2 chipped. my mate gets loads of stuff everyweek dvd xbox ps2 music. i have the music off him but im sick of having to get disk for him to do me the rest so he says if iget dvd writer he will lend me his ext hdd if i get a caddy

ok i see now… so he puts all his music, films, xbox games & ps2 games onto a large HD, which you will then borrow, mount into a caddy and copy the stuff with your writer???

erm…NO!!!, this is a place to backup legally bought stuff due to fair rights, NOT TO SCAV OFF A MATE AND COPY HIS ILLEGAL STUFF!!!

in future read the forum rules :cop: :cop:

it not illegal he gets them of his stuff (originals)

Yes it May not be illegal for him, but it is for you, as they are not your originals.

Sorry mate, don’t mean to be anal about it, but that’s the law in these parts :slight_smile:

make image
burn image at slow speed no special settings :wink:

u can burn a dvd game on a normal cd rw by compressing the files, i have done it using pro evo 3 modded with all the official kits and players :slight_smile: