Help with copying and converting

I mostly use DVD Shrink to make copies of all my movies but I need to make the copy region free and burn it in a PAL format. Does anyone have any ideas as to what programs can be used to do this?

“I need to make the copy region free”
Shrink does that by default. One may change this in the “backup” tabs options… you’ve never seen it?!

“burn it in a PAL format”
Wow. NTSC > PAL transcode?
I wish you luck, man. I have no idea. I’ll keep an eye on the thread in case someone gives you a solution.

Not only NTSC and PAL have different resolution (horizontal lines) systems, but they don’t have the same number of frames per second… I doubt any non-professional system would offer this transcoding possibility. But who knows, maybe I’m just over-pessimistic. :wink:

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So it seems that at least ProCoder Express offers this transcoding.

You’re asking about rather advanced stuff here. :stuck_out_tongue:

How advanced? This may give you some idea:

Intimidated yet? Here’s an easier :confused: way to do it:

And some further discussion here:

Perhaps you could try this:
If your framerate is film (23.976 fps) alright then. If it’s 29.97 or 23.976 with pulldown there’s an extra complication. Dunno how latest Procoder does with such a conversion.

But it would certainly be easier to just get a DVD player that can take PAL or NTSC discs and output whichever format you choose. Hint. :slight_smile:

WinAVI DVD Copy can make the copy region free . However, it is unable to support PAL to NTSC conversion. Instead, WinAVI Video Converter can convert PAL to NTSC

This program seems a bit clumsy… I’ve been trying it and it keeps complaining of errors:

Windows Media Players plays them just fine (and nice typo on their error message). :slight_smile:


After this it just hangs…

Why bother to convert, now days and most of the time the dvd player can play
ntsc and pal dvd’s. I have many pal dvd’s from Europe that play here and I send ntsc dvd’s to my friends there. Some dvd players cannot play but a lot of the new ones can play just give it a try.


I really have got to stop recomending this program, I am sure the admins will think I am working for them. But I can honestly say that dvdSanta will do a pretty good job of this. Output will be pretty good, but may turn out slightly jerky due to the NTSC<>PAL frame rate conversion that has to take place.

I just converted an avi file (700+megs) to dvd format with dvdsanta and it created 4 vob files, 3 identical sizes and the 4th was a little smaller. Is this normal? Will I have to add all of these file with the other files including the 2 bup and 2 ifo files in nero for a successful dvd? or should I let dvdsanta burn the whole thing (when dvdsanta is ready to burn it shows 1 file at 1hr 28min, the length of the movie) Why did dvdsanta create 4 vobs? I’ve converted this avi with winavi and got only 1 vob. It had an error and was unable to burn so thats why I tried dvdsanta for a new conversion (winavi took about 40 min to convert, dvdsanta about 2hrs) I am confused :confused:


Ok, there are two issues at play here.

  1. Region free. This is easy. Everything handles this.

  2. NTSC->PAL. This is trickier. There are, again, TWO problems:

2a. Size. Any re-encoder can do this tolerably well.

2b. Framerate. HERE’s the tricky part. Even GOOD re-encoders can sometimes good this up unless you know what you’re doing. I suggest doing a lot of reading on the topic before trying to fiddle.