Help with CopyDVD; is my problem overburn?



Using Alcohol 120% 1.9.5 build 3105
Trying to duplicate / make an image of a dvd (program) i purchased online. dvd is a copy itself. it works fine and has no software protection BUT flipping the dvd over i can see that data is written to the very edge of the dvd (over burn?? is that the correct term?).

My media is TY. Burner is Sony DRU-800A. Burning at 6x
Error message:

disc dumping failed!
Error message[03/11/05] - L-EC Uncorrectable Error

I’ve also tried nero no luck, CloneCD to make an image no luck.

The DVD is itself a copy so why can i make a duplicate of it???
Do i need a better DVD burner? Do i have to select overburn?


Pm Me your Full alcohol system report including the image creation log, this will enable me to see the problem and offer a solution.