Help with Copy to DVD


I have just completed the first burn of a DVD with copytoDVD last version and the sony 500ax.

When I have burn it on a DVD RW in 2.4x it came out fine. When I have tried to burn it on a DVD R+ in 4x it created a coaster (I tried it twice).

Any Ideas ?

While I’m not fully acquainted with the software you’re using, it doesn’t seem to be the culprit as you’ve already made a good burn on DVD+RW.
For my money, it’s the [DVD+R] media - the blank discs you’re using.
What are they, by the way?


They are Verbatim DVD R+ x4

Nothing wrong with those!:slight_smile:

Even so, if you can, you should try again with another brand. If you can get Ritek, give them a whirl. They’re usually pretty reliable.

Apart from that, all I can think of is the burning software. Nero has had mixed reviews, although the more recent versions seem to be well received. You can download a free trial version. (I use Gear Pro and have never had a coaster…)