Help with copy protection :(

Hi there,
My dad has recently bought a peice of software caled Lipsinc Mimic. Its a plug in for poser4…but thats not important lol

The proble is i need to copy the cd so that we can both use it. The application wont run once its installed on your computer unless the cd is in the drive. Ive tried to copy it and it wont let me :frowning:

Does anyone know how you can get round this l;ittle problem or give me a link to asite that will will tell me.

Hoping you can help

Tried it with CloneCD yet?

YEh thanks for that, im just trying it now. Its not easy though since boith by reader and writer appear to be on the same ide drive. ive gone through the copy cd wizard and told it to save the image onto my e drive ok, and then ive put my application into my cd writer because thats the faster of the twoi drives that i have (the other is a dvd). so i then clcik n copycd icon and it starts to read the disk i want to copy but if you look at the log whjilst its trying to create the image it keeps saying “cannot read sector 800” and then it carrys on saying that and the percentage doesnt go up at all. any ideas admin? thanks for replying anyway, mush appreciated :slight_smile:

Some copy protections cannot be read / copied by all writers, you need to check if your hardware is compatible ( is the official site with a hardware requirements list)

And when your hardware is compatible it might sometimes take a long time before it is copied in full to your hard drive. I am no expert on CloneCD, but I do know that this forum is a great knowledgebase, many topics have already been discussed and stored onthe server. by using the search you might be able to find out more (and sometimes it is great to read people’s reactions just for the fun of it too :wink: )

whooooooooo hooooooooooo it works :slight_smile:

For backup purposes only of course!


Of course only for Backup purposes LOL LOL LOL :wink:



Noooooooo really, i’m a law obiding citizen i am lolololol…i have about £125,000 pounds worth of software now…backed up i mean lol

Glad my little message made you laugh lol

later :smiley:

I can´’t say anything else as LLLLLLLOOOOOOLLLLLLL
I also have software for more then 100.000 DM , backuped I mean.