Help with coping DVD game




I’m having difficulty understanding what could be wrong. I have a couple of PC’s … on one, when I create a virtual image of FarCry DVD, it works fine, but on my other PC, it fails about 3/4 of the way through the image.

The PC that works has an old Pioneer 106 DVD drive, but the one that fails has an LG-4163D. I’ve tried two different versions of Alcohol 120 on the PC that fails, same trouble …

I set Alcohol to SafeDisc 2/3 when making the image. Could someone suggest what may be wrong? FarCry runs fine on this LG drive if I have the factory DVD in it. Could the LG drive be defective?



Every drive is different in it’s ability to copy weak sectors (copy protection). You are better off to copy cd’s using a cdrw. Most cdrw’s are far better at copying cd’s than the best dvd burner.


Appreciate the suggestion, but the game is on DVD, so I don’t think using a cdrw is an option in this case.
I’ve done a little more research on the weak sector issue, but I don’t understand how an old Pioneer 106 drive can handle this issue, verses the much newer LG-4163D ???


There are quite a few older drives that do a much better job copying weak sectors (this includes CDRW’s) for cd games. If you search the forums, you will see people searching for older plextor premiums, yamaha cdrw’s, etc… Like the saying says: They just don’t make them like they used to…