Help with coping a CD with Safedisc - 2.60.52

well , i think i am far from a newbie when it comes to burning Cd’s games and DVDs but this is really stumping me …

i have a old CD that has manuals etc on it and it is protected with Safedisc - 2.60.52
and all i want to do it copy the disc so i can give a copy to a friend … i have ruined about 10 Cd’s trying to make it happen with clonecd , alcohol 120 , Nero and the list goes on … i assume this is old CD protection but it is sure being a bugger … any help would be great



clonecd , alcohol 120 will both do it! Keep trying and you will get there :slight_smile:

hey there , thanks for the reply . yeah they both seem to do it ok … but when i go to burn it onto another disc all is good with it … but when i insert the newly burnt disc it gives a error message saying please re-insert disc into CD ROM drive or it just hangs there … either or … grrrrr


Might be using the wrong profile for it.There are some Tutorials Here and it will give you a guide on how to do it :slight_smile: