Help with convertx2dvd

i got the file to convert and burned to a dvd disc but it won’t play on my dvd player. it says “check disc” ?? i’m using sony dvd+r

i can play it fine on my computer but i can’t play on the dvd players.

Hi there,

Please provide us a full conversion log.

Did you convert it to PAL and you need NTSC ?

Your DVD player might not accept +R discs.
Check its manual or provide its brand and model here.

im having the same problem too, although in my situation its the RW that’s having some issues. sometimes my player cant read it but when i re-encode or re-burn it, that’s it success my player will read it but again as i’ve said sometimes my player wont. i dont know what’s wrong. by the way my PC specs:

P4 1.8Ghz
512 MB DDR
2 20gb HDD
convertx2dvd latest version

Some standalone players, especially older ones can be extremely fussy about the disc type. Try another make.

I have found few stand-alone DVD-burners that also are having issues, one did not accept +R at all. Did not read it, did not burn to it. And that was not more than 2 years old model!