Help with Converting Music File to MP3!

Ok I’m totally new to this forum and to MP3’s period! I know nothing about them except for how to download them! I have a couple of music files my friend sent me but they are not in MP3 format they are in Windows Media™ Audio Track and they have some sort of license attached to them. Is there anyway I can turn these type of music files into MP3’s so that I can upload them to a website and burn them onto disk??? PLEASE HELP! LOL

Use Audacity to record and save as MP3…
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I downloaded audacity and when i tried to open the song it said it’s a windows media audio file Audacity cannot open this type of file due to patent restrictions. You need to convert it to a supported audio format.
Am I doing something wrong?

Can you play the audio on PC? if you can hear it then you can record it with Audacity or Goldwave… no need to open it with audacity, just play with WMP and hit record button in Audacity >save to wave or MP3 when done recording…
You might also look into DAudioK and MediaCoder for WMA to MP3…

Buy a licence if you wish to listen to those tracks.
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