Help with converting bin files to MPEG

could someone help me.ive got 2 bin files to a movie (vcd) im wanting to convert them to mpeg so i can load them into vcd easy ect. or if someone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated Thank You!

two Bin files, but no .cue files :rolleyes:
You can use ISOBuster and load the .bin file, and extract the contents of the MPEGAV folder (*.DAT), then either use VCDGear to convert .dat to .mpg, or just rename .dat to .mpg.
VCDGear will also import the .bin file, but ISOBuster should give you a better idea of what the contents of the .bin file are.

If I’m correct VCDeasy can handle bin files.

  1. the latest version of VCDEasy can load the bin file and burn it on a CD using CDRDAO (the package has it)

  2. Assuming you have the .cue files witht he bin files, If 1 didn’t work for you, open Nero, click on File->Burn Image open the .cue file and burn.