Help with connecting Kindle to car's Bluetooth


Hi again folks.
I’m not sure if I’m on the right Forum. I would like to connect my Kindle to my car’s Bluetooth. An Internet Radio Station says you can bring your Android Phone or Android and connect it to your car’s radio.
However, How can you do that since you always need to be connected to a
WiFi don’t you? So if you are driving down the road or Interstate, can you maintain your connection. I read that there are Free Android Apps. for Android Phones below. I just want to listen to Internet music stations, since there are so many Great ones. Can you actually do this without WiFi?

I found the site here-
Any help would be appreciated.


Ok my question why not ask Amazon tech support if your Car radio has blue tooth and your kindle has bluetooth just pair them up , it is in your manual , but Kindle and Android are not the same platforms but Bluetooth does not need WIFI


OK. I’m confused. I am of the understanding that Bluetooth just let’s you play your phone or answer your phone calls without having to use the phone and just answer calls from a button you push on your steering wheel. Your phone does not need WiFi for talking but to download your files even from Bluetooth you need WiFi.

I was told that in order to listen to Music on your tablet, you either need WiFi or an Android Pad that has a “Built In Modem”.
I tried the phone, to listen to for example Pandora, you need a continuous WiFi which if you are driving, you lose your signal off and on.
I found this site that has a program to connect your Android Pad to your car.


most of the android music player need internet or wifi connection . here are some apps that you should know vlc

2 Shazam

3 Slacker Radio

4 Microsoft Groove

5 Song Flip

6 Saavn

7 Equalizer

9 Google Play Music

10 VLC for Mobile

11 Deezer

12 Wynk Music

13 Musixmatch Lyrics