Help with configuring Cd Drives



Before I had a problem with my Pioneer DVR-111D and I was able to resolve it by taking out my older cd drive. Is there any way for me to put this drive back so that both of them work. My other drive is a toshiba ts-h292b.

Basically I set my pioneer’s jumper to cable select w/ and then placed it on the last end of that 40 pin cable. Then when I put the toshiba drive on the next to last end of the 40 pin cable set to cable select, the pioneer drive doesn’t work at all. I’d really hate to get rid of a perfectly good cd drive, please help.


get an 80 pin cable

jumper the pioneer as master and attach to the end of the IDE cable.

jumper the toshiba as slave and attach to the middle connector on the cable.

reboot and both drives should be recognized.


That’s actually how I had it configured at one point but it was even weirder what happened. The CD-RW drive worked, but the dvd drive couldn’t play audio cds and if I put a dvd in the comp would freeze.

*the cables are 80 pin (typo)


Yeah, 40 wire cable with an 110 would have been an bad idea…

80 wire (40 pin) is the correct one.

Don’t use cable select. The Pio wants to be master, set the other as slave and try.
Some mobos want them connected the other way around.


I hate pioneer drives for that reason :wink:


Why? They took the risk and introduced UDMA4 Host controllers with their burners. Others chickened out - even today they r.i.p. on udma2…


That action by itself is highly commendable … but the finnicky nature of the controllers when they share the ide channel with another drive is just downright a pain in the arse.

Idea was good … implementation buggy.


Hm, can’t argue with that. But there also are too many creepy chipsets/controllers on the market these days. Not to mention cheap cables. :wink:


Ooh yeah!
You can found lots of those :slight_smile: little tiny skinny conductors extra long->90cm cables.
Lots of head scratching :iagree:

I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that the problem ISN’T pioneers UDMA4 chips/controllers, but bugs in everyone elses UDMA2 chips/controllers that only manifests itself when introducing UDMA4 onto the chain (lots of problems reported with HD’s & optical drives) :wink:


Ehrm, was that really sarcastic??