Help with config of new Sammy S203B



Well, I had another thread going on about how the drive was burning slowly, but I managed to fix it in the end. Now I want to get the best out of it! :slight_smile:
I’m wondering… I remember my BenQ DW1640 liked DVD+R better over DVD-R… what’s the best media to use on these S203B? I’d also like some burning software recommendations, because my copy of Ashampoo Burner 7.1 didn’t prove useful. When it finished burning the CD, it never started verification like I told it, could not cancel the thing, and Windows started to behave in a jerky way. Decided after 10 mins of looking at a hanged “Disc completed” screen, to open the drive. First burnt DVD, and first coaster. Trying to read it’s contests hangs explorer.exe.

I also found a thread here that offered patched firmware for my drive that improved Burn and Read speeds, but I found the thread to be kind of more technical than what I can understand on the Burning arena :(.

Thx for all the help so far!


If you read the dvd burner forum, you will find that the sammy 203’s like lots of different medias. You don’t have to update the firmware, unless you are a power user. The average person seldom has a need to upgrade firmware.


I’d also like some burning software recommendations

Lots of people around here like a free burning program called ImgBurn. Look at the guides for using it at the ImgBurn forum.