Help with computer clicking noises and freezing

Hey all, a long while back i was asking around this forum for help on setting up a computer. I have had great results with the computer that you all helped me build, however lately im having some problems. First off i will describe my computer.

-P4 3.0 currently overclocked to 3.3 800 mhz fsb with hyper threading. (it was Oc’d with arctic silver and changing it back to 3.0 doesnt help problems)

-motherboard is the asus p4c800-e

  • 2 sticks of 512 mb corsair 400 mhz ram that is dual channeled on the mb.

-Graphics card is ati radeon 9800 pro using latest omega drivers and i added 8 small heatsinks to each of the ram slots on the card (they are designed specifically for this card)

-sound card is sound blaster audigy gamer 32 bit (latest drivers)

-The system has 4 HD:
-2x maxtor 80 gig 7200 rpm and these are raided using the onboard promise raid controller
-40 gig western digital 7200 rpm
-60 gig western digital 7200 rpm
-Plextor 708a 8x dvd burner combo
-liteon 16x dvd rom

  • have a 375 watt powersupply

ok i think that covers the broadstrokes of the system, now on to my problem: Recently i am hearing clicking noises coming from my computer. After it clicks my computer will momentarily freeze and then it will resume again. This happens usually during games, but can happen when browsing, or when just doing some non tasking applications. I noticed recently when i rebooted my computer one time that on startup my computer shows my DDR frequency as 266mhz, when i first put this computer together it was 400mhz (thats the kind of ram i have corsair 400mhz 512mb) I have updated all drivers, i have cleaned out the system with spybot and adaware. Im protected by symantic corporate edition AV, and have found no virus’s from scans. Even more recently my system is starting to act very sluggish. Long delays when opening applications, right clicking to bring up property windows is slow and lags alot. This computer and all the parts are under a year old, and im just wondering whats the best way to diagnose what the problem is and then how i would fix it.

Thanks in advance if any of you can help me out. :confused:
(ps) as i just clicked on that smiley face i just added, my pc froze for a second before it added it to the text. =

If I had to guess, my first guess would be the hard drive, is that where the clicking is coming from? I’ve had several Western Digitals fail and with the exact same symptoms you describe. Reguardless of that tho I think a new power supply may be the next upgrade you want to do. I would look for the diagnostics disk for your hard drive and run them, look on their website.

i can not seem to tell if the clicks are coming from the HD’s or the graphics card. And why do you suggest a new power supply?

Is there a command to type or something that will give me a detailed page about ALL the hardware in my pc? Some kind of tool that will list everything i have installed?

Do a thorough scandisk check on each drive letter. That should tell you which drive is damage.

Of my friend has the same problem as you and after removing the culprit (IDE 40GB Seagate), the PC was back to smooth again.

The only thing I can think of to add is that a wire is bouncing onto/off of a fan. That can cause clicking sometimes, and if you are OC the PC it can cause more heat onto the CPU and freeze the PC somewhat. Use the ASUS Utility Probe to scan and monitor temperatures on the MB/CPU/FAN and fan speed as well. Your rig is very close to mine, checm my sig.

Well i used the drive diag on my dual maxtors, using the maxtor utility they provide and after doing the “burn in” test the program says my drives are failing. Does anyone have any idea why my hd’s would be failing after so short a time? Does raiding hard drives lower there life expectancy?

And on a side note…anyone have any idea how tough it will be to get these replaced without a receipt? i cant find it =(

Just a thought,375 watt power supply does seem a tad low for the amount you have,i have about 75% of the stuff you have and a using a 550 watt supply,this upgrade may not solve your problem but it will not do any harm :iagree:

4 hdd’s, 2 opticals. The clicking as posted above can be a handful of things…I’d be interested to know if when you hear the clicking, if the hdd light on your panel is flickering also…would confirm or eliminate the hdd/cable in the fan theory, cause it really could be either.

With that many drives, I really would consider upgrading to a better ps…whatever is posted on the box…be it 375, 400, 550…are max ratings, they usually deliver 70-80% of that.

try the diagnostics above…and then try removing 1 or 2 of the drives from the power supply and diag again…see if the clacking goes away.

Just my 2 cents…:slight_smile:

can anyone recomend a powersupply that can power everything i have? i ran into a problem with having enough power cords with this current ps and i ended up having to do some splitting an sautering to make some extra cords lol. And i checked for the cable in fan issue and that is not it. Pretty sure that my raid setup hardrives are failing. I knew i should never have got maxtor! (jk heh) But i do have one question, i found out that maxtor has warrantys on their products and that i can probably rma the HD’s but when i ran the diag software i downloaded from maxtor it was testing my 2 maxtor HD’s as one raided HD. How can i find out which HD is the one that is failing?

[my 2 cents]
This is the classic “click of death” and surely a HD going bad.
Run full diagnostics on all drives ASAP. You will probably need to take the RAID drives off the controller to test them. The odds are that it’s not one of the RAID drives, or you would be seeing the array drop off-line too, but I wouldn’t bet on that. So, I’ve got a six-pack on the HD. New drives fail too.

PSU would be the next step AFTER eliminating a HD as the cause.

Newegg has some premium 400+ units available at a fair price. Spend the extra buck that one, it’s worth it. If I’m not mistaken, you can remove 1 drive from the raid and test it by itself, without ruining the data…then repeat the process on the second…may have to reconfig the bios, reset a jumper or two (pain in the ass) but just for diagnostics, this should work.

Others more die hard can give you an opinion best ps, I think in your case though, a good 450+ is in your best interest that rig you got…:slight_smile:

RDGrimes, I’d have voted for your Avatar…:slight_smile:

Slightly off-topic:
I have a WD 400BB that would do this when the FSB was overclocked, even though the PCI frequency was locked. When I stock-clocked the FSB, it would be fine. I still considered it a bad drive though.

If your PCI is not locked at 33, this could be the source of the trouble. I would stock-clock and see if it goes away.

Buy a reciept book? :slight_smile:

I built a system with an 80gb Maxtor drive using a KCS K7S5A motherboard (real load of c**p), the drive clicked from day one, don’t ask why i never changed it but i fully expected it to die at any moment (lots of backup CDRs), eventually I built a new system using a Gigabyte GA-7VA (great) and made the Maxtor drive a slave for music, movies etc, it has not clicked once in 12 months. Go figure.

Goofs aside, I have in the past had luck calling the manufacturer directly, with the serial number off the drive, and gotten trade ins that way. Tell them you got them at a computer trade show and it was a cash sale.

Go to their website and do an online RMA they will give all the warranty information, I haven’t needed a receipt yet, the hard drives have all the manufacturing info on them.
Power Supply, for as many device’s you have anything at 420 or better should be ok.
You want a printable system information:
in run type: dxdiag, and then when it opens let it do the scan thing and then just save all information it will create a text file with all your hardware and drivers.
Although set-up in Raid 0, the diagnostics still only scan one disk at a time, look carefully it should give you the serial number of the failing drive

Ditto, I’ve RMA’d WD and Seagate and they never asked for a receipt

Yea i managed to get a maxtor representitive on the phone finally, and they are going to send 2 replacement drives to me. Although i havent had any clicking in the past 2 days…go figure. And i didnt even change anything. I replaced my powersupply with a 425 watt, so maybe that was the problem shrug

If the diagnostice said there was a problem and produced an error code, then it’s better safe than sorry, at least you have time to back everything up and get what you need.