Help with Codec Packs



Can’t someone help me do a more-up-to-date way of updating or installing the most used codecs compared to the ones here because I followed those, yet they are a few months old. Maybe some newer method exists and better software\codecs than the ones used there. ““I still can’t encode mpeg4!!!””


A more simple list would help out. All I need is to play , encode, decode all the regularly used mpeg1\2\4, divx, xvid, avi etc. I don’t need any of the extra stuff to manipulate sound or subtitles or anything. All I really want is able to burn dvd’s , covert dvd’s to those formats, watch downloaded video’s, and burn my video’s mpegmovie4tv from my Sony DigiCam to dvd.


Go HERE and get K-LITE CODEC PACK which version is up to you but I would suggest at a minimum the full version. The mega packs only difference is it has quicktime and real alternative bundled, I would also suggest getting those 2 alternatives. Those codec packs in that link are the most troublesome ones


So what do I install with the k-lite full codec pack? Do I check mark all? Also should I do the cleanup routin show in the link removing all codec pack .dll or not?



if you install the default setting it will install the most commonly used codecs. You can of course check whatever else you want.


Listen to slayerking K-LITE CODEC PACK is 1 of the best


If you’ve installed previous codecs and/or codec packs, get rid of ALL of them. THEN install the K-Lite codec pack.

Otherwise, it will cause conflicts, which will NOT help… trust me :wink:


Should I uninstall all of what is noted in here even the microsoft defualt ones or not?



Thanks for the help guys, I went ahead and took my own judgement and deleted all the codecs from the system32 folder just like that link said. Pretty cool, now my nero can encode .mp4 again.



what? you shouldn’t do that. use the packs uninstaller never delete anything from your system32 folder


Tha king is right:

Now you removed all the appropriate .dll’s , but haven’t unregistered them in your registry settings. Could give funny results.


You are right… I see the funny results now. I can’t convert anything from simple mpegs. Winavi video converter now wants a mpeg\dvd codec and gives other errors. Nero can read the mpeg 4, but when previed crashes and can’t burn. Now I have got myself in a worse situation. Any idea how to fix it witout having to clean out my pc and do a fresh install of xp?



Better yet, its time for an xp clean install. I have other problems that get annoying. Anyways, what steps should I take to install the codecs. I also found out that if I install nero vision after the codecs, it messes some up. Well here is what I have thought.

Install xp fresh copy
update wm10
install nero + vision
install all other video programs
then install codec pack (can you list what not to install if I just want encode, decode, and play) no spliters, no extra programs etc.)


ever heard of Windows Xp’s System Restore feature?
Don’t install any media player above 8 as well.


Don’t have windows xp restore on becuase it is a waste of disk space. What do you mean any media player above 8 if windowx xp comes with windows media player 9


listing what not to install would take all day so just install the K-Lite codec pack. K-Lite installs media player classic so you more than likely won’t need windows media player at all


Seriously, no WMP above version 8? Is it because of the DRM stuff or what?

On a separate note a full size version of your avatar would sure be nice slayerking.



So what if windows xp installed version 9, what do I do then?



Add/Remove Programs and then Add/Remove Windows Components and remove WMP . . .


Oh, it’s no biggie if WMP 9 stays on (it does at my machine as well), but don’t use it. It will constantly try to “update” your codecs to drm codecs. If you’d do a nLite installation (google for it) then you could get rid of all the annoying sub programs Xp includes.


Okay removed WM9 and will use the clasic version. So you guys say that the k-lite includes everything I need, so with that I will install it. Don’t like all the extra stuff it has, but will look around to see what intallation they recommend. Cause I know some of those plugins interfier with dvdshrink, nero etc.