Help with CloneDVD

This may be a very old question to some, but it is new to me.

Recently I came across a DVD that had 5 episodes of Remington Steele on it and I wanted to make a copy. (But minus the advertisements, comming attractions, etc) When I ran CLONEDVD from Slysoft, It copied only 1 episode. I could not find any way to copy all 5 episodes. When I tried the copy all titles, menus and everything, the file was HUGE. Far too big to fit on any DVD disc.

Help please?

@ cylon12,

I believe you are not using the CloneDVD software program correctly. CloneDVD can easily “compress” a whole multi-episode DVD without any problems.

Suggest viewing the below AnyDVD-CloneDVD tutorial.

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