Help with CloneDVD Mobile

I’ve been a user of CloneDVD forever and love the product. I’ve recently started using CloneDVD mobile with my father in laws Creative Zen and thought I would use it for my HP Ipaq 4700. I converted one movie using the Creative Zen W settings and was wondering if there is a better choice for my Ipaq.


I dont think it suports the HP IPAQ. Isnt the IPSQ a PDA? and dose’nt it use windows mobile as its OS? and shouldnt you have windows media player on the IPAQ? You should be able to play AVI’s on your IPAQ.

I’m just wondering which of the option’s available will best match my IPAQ (yes that’s a PDA). It does use windows mobile (just upgraded to Windows Mobile 2005 to get windows media player 10 mobile) which after the update I found out that it doesn’t support AVI after the fact.

I found a program that does play AVI and can play what I have already ripped, I just wonder what would be the best option in cloneDVD mobile to work with the Ipaq.

I would email Slysoft and ask them. I wish I had a easy anwser for you. Make sure you convert the file into .wmv good luck.