Help with clonedvd mobile and archos 500

i just started with this and i have successfully cloned the DVD but i am at a loss on how to get it to the Archos 500. it syncs with windows media player and i dont see the DVD on the list. have i missed something??

Don’t waste time with that WMP sync business. Use the AV500 in File Mode and just drag and drop the file(s) with Windows Explorer (the file manager).

HI thanks for the suggestion. I am trying it but everytime i try to copy i get an error message saying that the file is not supported on the device. it suggests that i use media player to convert the file. any suggestions?
thanks for the help

When you say “cloned the DVD”, what do you mean? The file should have a file extension of ‘.avi’ or ‘.divx’. Files copies straight from the DVD are still MPEG2 and need conversion to MPEG4 before they’ll play on the Archos.

Also, what firmware are you running on the Archos?

it is Divx and the firmware is 1.3.12 (WMDRMPD:10.0)

Hmmm… that’s strange. Can you copy across other files all right, like .jpgs or .mp3s?

Also at what stage do you get that message with the .divx ones: as you try to copy the file, or when trying to play it on the Archos?