Help with Clone CD



I have just purchased clone cd after the trail ran out and while using it when was the trail it was working fine now i can’t copy anything at all and i just keep getting a error message sayin " slimtype dvd rw sosw-833s failed" if any1 could help me i would be very happy thanks.


If it worked fine during the trial, it should work now, given the amount of information you have provided, its really hard to give you any advice. Does your drive work with other programs, have you tested it, I have been using CloneCD for years and never saw a message like that. Is the error message from CloneCD or Windows? These drives were put into Acer Notebooks along time ago and have many problems, I wouldnt rule out the fact that it doesnt like the media. Try another brand like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden.


its from the clone cd it displays the message while burning it pops up half way threw about 15 seconds in it says the error message, i have not changed a things so can’t really understand why all of a sudden this has happend even now that i have bought the program


[B] It has nothing to do with whether you bought the program or you didnt.[/B] The trial is the same as the paid version. All that changed is thet you entered a key that made you liscenced. It sounds like you have run into some poor media, or your drive has taken a dump. Try the drive on another program and see if it works. Try some different media, try another file. Do some trouble shooting.


will try hopefully will work


[quote=1001;2096412]will try hopefully will work[/quote] If all that doesnt work, try deleting the program, make sure you have your key file backed up, and reinstalling the program, then enter your new key key file information. :wink:


I have a real similar drive to yours in my lappy and it’s really picky and needs good quality media. I don’t use mine much at all. Laptop burners and not real great for making backups or burning for that matter. You might look into getting an external burner.

Also don’t delete CloneCD as Alan says. Uninstall it.