Help with choosing the right drives for my needs


I’m currently building an i720 computer and would like help with choosing the right optical drives.

I don’t have any experience with burning dvd’s but would like to be able to make backup copies of the kids movies as they are hard on them. I would also like to be able to make backups of their game cds/dvds. The ability to make music cds as well as dvd slide shows is also desired. I do like the litescribe feature for labeling my media, so I would like this option.

I’m not sure about going to blue-ray as of yet, but I know it’s the future and will be needed eventually so a drive reccomendation with and without this as well.

From reading the forums I’ve been looking at the

Will these fit my needs or are their better/ other options available?

Thanks in advance for any help.


I’d suggest the Optiarc AD-7241S. It’s a good allrounder.



I’d suggest the Optiarc AD-7241S. It’s a good allrounder.


Are you suggesting I use this for all my needs? From what I read through the forums this drive works best for burning cd, SL & DL. Should I then go with the Lite-On for ripping/reading as well as quality testing? What about for blue-ray options?


of course you can add a Liteon for additional tasks. Why not. There must be a reason why most of us have more than one drive installed :wink:

Blu-Ray or not is just a matter of personal preference. I personally have no need for that, but your mileage may vary.
Since prices will drop or performance will improve with time, I’d suggest to wait with the BD until you really need it.


Ok thanks Mciahel thats what I’ll do.