Help with choosing a fast DVD-Rom!

Hi there guys!

Excuse the n00b questions…

Firstly, I’m going to buy the NEC 3500A DVD writer (mainly to backup DVD movies). From all the stuff I’ve read already, it seems that it has a slow ripping speed. I’ve decided to get a DVD-Rom to compliment it. Now here’s my problem. I’ve read the post on the AOpen 1648/AAP and would really like to get this drive but unfortunately it is not available in my country (I can only get the 1648A - is there any major differences between the 2???). Toshiba is also not available. So now I need some advice from you guys.

Okay…I can get these drives…AOpen (only 1648A), LiteOn, Sony, Samsung, Benq, LG, BTC, MSI, ASUS, Teac. Which one do you recommend???

I believe the LiteOn drives are very good. Can you tell me which model is the best one to get??? Also I believe that Sony use LiteOn drives. If so, does anyone know which LiteON drive the Sony DDU1621 is???

Any help will greatly be appreciated. Thanks for the great site and forum.