Help with choosing a burner please

Hello people. Please help me with my dillema.
I am upgrading from my old LITE-ON CD burner to a DVD burner.
I need a drive that is fairly relieable, speedy, costs under $70 USD, and supports all/most formats and wrte modes avalable today. I always liked LITE-On because it is very good for backing up protected games (I never use my original disks)
I was going to buy Liteon SOHW-1673S but it doesnt have DVD-RAM support. :frowning:

Then I thought about getting the LG GSA-4163BI but it doesnt seem to have the nice features for backing up games and movies that Liteon has. Also I read a lot of flame on forums concerning LG, it’s bad support for different types of media, lack of features, etc. I dont know which one to choose… There are so many DVD formats avalable today, and I want to have a drive that is able to handle most protected CDs and DVDs avalable today. My old Liteon drive certainly could back when I bought it…
If any of you can suggest anything, I’d be very grateful. Thanx.

@ this time i would not go for a liteon especally if you are going to be doing movie backups there DVD drives are not as good as there cd drives which were the best…
There is really no drive that will do it all and more as protections are getting more and more advanced…
I dont want to start a flame war by saying get this or that drive but if you do a search there are many polls\posts about “what is the best dvd writers”
What you want is a drive that does all protections and has dvd-ram support if you find one let me know i will buy it also :bigsmile:

I would get a NEC drive (the 3520 now, or a 3540 in a few months when its out).
I own a 3500 and I am very satisfied.
The NECs have a very good burning quality on most media, including the lower-quality ones (not that I would reccomend buying crappy media – don’t! :wink: ). Liteon DVD-R Drives don’t seem to offer that kind of consistency and reliability.
Can’t say much about the copy protection stuff, as I don’t use my drive to backup games and stuff. But I think that copy protections are getting more and more “evil” and you will be having a hard time making 1:1 playable copys of new games anyway…

But again, for general-puropse usage the NECs are VERY good drives.

Cheers !

NEC drives are very good (I have the 3500) but he wants a drive that will backup his games and have dvd-ram support…

Agree with Klaasklever. Nec 3520A is a very good drive!!

Just saw MadMax"s post, Isn’t LG the only one that supports DVD Ram? There are probably others, but I don’t know of any off the top of my head. :wink:

Let me rephrase that. Which DVD burner can handle the MOST CD and DVD protections for the price around $70 USD?
What I’m really looking for, is a DVD burner that is at least not worse than my old Liteon when it comes to backing up protected games, can handle most formats, AND has DVD-RAM support?

I’d say get an LG 4163b(i don’t have it, i have 4082 :sad: ) but i’ve burned over 200 ps2 games with no problems. i’m going to buy it soon :bigsmile:
if you do console game’n then you should get it but if computer game’n then get the NEC

Always use Pioneer myself! Never let me down! :cool: :iagree:

The NEC,s are 0 sheep drives…although for the latest protections sheep means very little…
And where is the dvd-ram support the poster asked for…

Which Pioneer??
And no, I dont care about consoles and PS2s… I am a 100% PC Gamer.
Does anyone know if LG GSA-4163BI can backup the latest Safedisc and Securom protected disks? What about media support? Is this drive WORSE than Liteon when it comes to backing up protected PC games?

What does it mean 0 sheep drives? Is there a NEC drive that has DVD-Ram support, can use most types of media, and good at backing up most games?
Sorry for repeating myself.

No there is not …

Well I seen no one here can give me a descent thourough answer, even though I clearly said that it doesnt have to be a do it all drive.
Can someone at least tell me if the LG drives are generally concidered any good? I’m sure some people here have them.

For specifics on the LG drives, I would search the LG forums. Reguarding the, “Sheep rating,” of drives, the following link will give you tools to actualy TEST the rating of your own drives.

Sheep ratings rate the ability of a drive to duplicate weak sectors. Sectors that are written weak are used in some copy protection schemes.

I’d suggest doing some reading in THIS forum and seeing what you can find out about what drives are suitable for defeating the types of copy protection schemes you are most likely to, or already ARE encountering.:

Hope that helps.


Thank you.

Thier are several good burners but thier are tradoffs for all of them, even among the good ones. Drives have gotten pretty cheap. You might want to consider more than one drive in the long run if things like dvd ram, copy protection (for cd games etc.), best dvd performance and media compatibility etc. are all important to you. The nec drives are very good all around dvd burners but lack the sheep rating and the dvd-ram capability. If your liteon is still working well for game copying, you could run your liteon cd burner and a nec and then all you would be lacking is dvd-ram. Dvd-ram is a pretty limiting factor as not to many drives suport it.

Buy LG if you need DVD-RAM support. Get another CD writer if you cannot backup the latest games. End of discussion.

a liteon 166s will read ram discs and will by pass most copy protections, so why not rip to HDD with 166s and burn with whichever

allright I got ya. Thanx.