Help with changing dvd from region2 to region1

i have a region2 dvd from germany and want to change it to region 1 (us) because my dvd player is not region free.what is the best and easyest way to do this without compressing i dont want to lose quality. :rolleyes:

If you have dvd platinum go to the settings tab and change the region to #1 and then save to your harddrive

i looked on the dvd it is in pal format also will dvd platinum covert this also?

No it will not convert PAL, but your player may play PAL even though it is not region free.


Rip the DVD to Harddisc -> Using DVDDecryptor, select the “region free” option.

Burn using imgburn.

Both softwares are free.

Note that US uses the NTSC system, and not pal. They have different framerates & different resolutions, so the picture will possibly come out black and white, unless your DVD player from the USA (and your TV) supports PAL.

Conversion between the two is not difficult, but the results are often quite bad.