Help With Changing audio over for a clean dvd2svcd run

I have a few questions i want to clear up…

I understand the best way to feed a file into AVI2SVCD/DVD is to just feed it right into it the first time, If im not mistaken the best way is to feed in any AVI Stream, With the proper audio to match (in my case i believe it will always be AC3, 48khz, 384 bit, For both SVCD’s & DVD’s right?)

Well i dont know how to encode the audio back into the video stream… TmpEngc doesnt do it, AVI2SVCD doesnt do it. how can i re-encode it back in?

(The Real effort im trying to do, is convert a bunch of PALVideo/Mp3-Audio AVI files into useable to burn to a SVCD/DVD(My player has a serious PAL issue until i buy a new one)

Can anyone offer me the right way to do this before it even gets fed into DVD2SVCD?


Arrr… have you read the DivX to DVDR Tutorial as your your answers are there.

Yeah i understand that, but why cant it conver it itself?

Also how do i put the audio in with it? Do i just rename the ac3 file to like mp2 or whatever it was using before?

We need a freaking pal2ntsc program :frowning:

I guess i need to get used to the idea of treating audio & Video seperately.

DVD2SVCD first rips out the audio from the avi, if its mp3 or ac3 it converts it to MP2 audio. It then encoded the video component, both streams delt with separately. Thge final stage it to author the movie by combining (mutiplexing or muxing) the 2 streams together. TMPGEnc DVD Author, or DVDLab or Maestro or… are Authoring programs ONLY and they do this vital bit. The latest DVD2SVCD also uses the freeware DVDAuthor and automatically authors theses 2 streams to produce the needed VIDEO_TS folder full of VOB, IFO & BUP files. You then just burn this folder with Nero or whatever.

Have a read at the bottom of the DVD to DVDR tutorial for a way to get DVD2SVCD to do your PAL to NTSC for you. Just one small extra step needed, pretty simple really.