Help With Cdrwin!

IM AT THIS : 1) insert game into cd drive.

  1. Open up CDRWIN and click on the extract disk/tracks/sectors button.

  2. Your settings should be as follows:

For “extract mode” select disk image/ cue sheet

For “read options” select “raw”

For “error recovery” select “abort”

For “jitter correction” select “auto”

For “subcode analysis” select “auto”

Data Speed and Audio Speed should be the same

For “read retry count” type 0

For “subcode threshold” type 300

Make sure you selected the drive that your PS2 game is in

Make sure you typed in the file name (just type the name of the game) and Check the directory that you’re putting your file in.

Then just press “start”

(BTW i am copying ps2 games)

AND THEN WHEN I PRESS START, IT SENDS AN ERROR MESSAGE "ERROR: Unable to analyze disc layout Illegal track type encountered. can u guys tell me wat to do so i can continue on, coz i think i need tht software so u can break dwon the cd protection?? do i??

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