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Hello - this is my first posting and I hope it will be one of many more to come as I explore what, to me, is the very confusing world of CD recording, etc.:clap:
My problem follows - I recently copied a whole lot of songs onto a CD-R for my car CD Changer. Before going any further I will tell you that my car Head Unit and Changer are compatible and both have the ability to read CD-TEXT, after all they are only six months old and the manuals do say they can read the text.
I recorded the tunes using Nero Version 6 and although it has been a while I remember the software listed the artist and title when I created the CD-R. However, my car does not want to read the artist and title and instead displays “NO TITLE”. Is there anyway I can determine if Nero did indeed create CD-TEXT to be read and if not is there someway I can insert an artist and title listing on the CD-R for the player to read and display ?? :bow:

get yourself a copy of IsoBuster - itz free
insert CD, launch IsoBuster
if your Cd has text on it then below example is something like what you will see. if not, try again with nero, use help from

Thanks for the info I will give it a go. If the data is shown as in your image, what would I need to do the the CD-R. Can the CD-TEXT be added to the CD or is it a matter of “tossing” the CD-R and starting again ?? :a

start again

Hi there. I have checked the CD with IsoBuster and yes all artists and titles are displayable. What should I try doing now ?? :sad:

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hmm, well it would APPEAR to me to be an hardware issue re: the car cd player. i mean, there is either cd text on the Cd or there isn’t, no ? it COULD be that some playera require a particular TYPE of encoded text or some such thing, but i don’t know enough about that to say for sure. ther is an app called cd text player @

you might wanna give the cd a run through it and see what happens. ALTHOUGH i have used it with CDs that have CD text and it crashes ! bummer !

If the color facility is there I will use it and as for the size I am using the one that is the system default. Perhaps you should check your monitor settings and if you don’t like the way I present my posts - don’t read them. :a

update: just figured out if you also downlaod the manager & viewer and install into same folder you install cd text player into THEN it diplays text fine

I use realplayer 10, a very simple program that alot of advanced pc users would laugh at. But it works well and u can edit the track names. It will connect to the net and find the track names if the original wasnt made with cd text also.

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