Help with CD speed

For some reason all of a sudden I can not get my graphs to save. After running & @ the same time now I can’t save graphs Can someone please help because this is really pissing me off!!

Thanks guys.

Yes nero is installed no incd or drag & drop no nothing only slysoft & nero 6

Is the “Save” button still active or grayed out? next question did you set the save to location in options?

I appreciate your help Thanks for your time for some reason the save file was/is too long & I have to shorten the filename before saving…

I have ran into this prob with MCSE Well not really problem cause I have been able to figure it out. Have you seen this happen before??

No, I have not seen it before but then again, I always save with my own shorthand to help me identify the images.

Anyways, glad you got-r figured out.