Help with CD-RW

My NEC CD-RW wont recognise my CD-R media. I’ve tried many brands that always used to work.However it will work in CDClone.I use Easy as my main creator.


Thanx in Adv.


Which Nec (IE 7800 / 7900) ?

Which brand of cd-r media ?

If it works in CloneCd and not in Easy Cd Creator i doubt it’s a problem of media , but more in software or the operating system.

Thanks I’ll try reinstalling ECD to start off with.

why are you using ezcd, when nero is like 20 billion times better?
BTW, are you using any packet-writing software on your computer?

nero isn’t that great for packet writing…

Originally posted by SliverX
nero isn’t that great for packet writing…
…so, what’s better?

nero packet writes? ill be damned, i had no idea…then what the hell do they bundle InCD for :wink: … think about what ur writing sliverx