Help with CD-RW burning

I am new here and have a question.

I have a CD-RW disc, and what I want to do is use it just like a floppy. in another words, insert the CD-RW open up the file on the disc, make changes to it and save it.

I tried formatting the disc, and then I dragged a file into it, and then opened it up changed the file and then clicked “save” and then a BSOD showed up.

Then I tried “save as” the same file name and same thing BSOD.

This is using Roxio CD Drag & Drop (which apparently is the same program that it uses for when I right click in explore on the E: and click “format”)

Any suggestions? is it possible its the program that is causing this problem?

So, you want to write to the disc all the time, not just once?

Yes…all the time.

To use a CD like a big floppy disc you need to use a packet writing software. These softwares are know because give very often such problems. Maybe you got the worst one, because the usual problem is that the disc become unreadable for some reasons, but you got a BSOD!!

My suggestion is to avoid packet writing softwares, or if you need these absolutely, then use RAM media, because are more reliable than RW media (both CD and DVD).

To use RAM media, however, you need a burner able to write these discs, like a LG for example.

what are your thoughts about using a USB Flash Drive instead. To make it easier. This is information that will be stored on a disc and then put in a safe. Are USB Flash drives pretty dependable for something like that?

I confess that I have no idea about durability in time of flash memories.

I think that are more reliable than any rewritable media, but I’m not absolutely sure, sorry :frowning:

I can’t recommend packet writing software, either. Lost a lot of data due to it and my inexperience, at the time. If you have the HD space, just separate out an area that you can load all that info into and when it gets full enough to fill a disc, write it on a good quality CD-R. I will not go back to packet writing SW until it is widely accepted and considered very stable by the majority will I consider going back to it. For now, I just use it to test burns or to burn info. I only want to store temporarily onto CD-RW’s.

As far as flash media, I have used CF and the adapters for transferring data. They work great as a floppy disk substitute, however, I can’t answer the longevity question, again, once I get enough info that I want to save, I burn it over to a good quality CD-R.

There is info that my dad would not like to keep on the HD for hacking reasons…this is why I want the stuff on a disc and run and saved off a disc.